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Raymond & Bella

Bella & Raymond are the kids of one of my favorite friends Ivonne (aka: workout partner, kids carpooler, savior when I’m in a pinch, co-champagne drinker, mid-week dinner & wine buddy, fellow Twilight lover, and the list goes on).  Bella just so happens to be my Taylor’s BFF and pre-kindergarten classmate, and all around God in Taylor’s eyes.  If Bella does it, Taylor wants to.  If Bella has it, Taylor must have it.  If Bella eats it, Taylor will eat it too.  And Bella only wants to be with my Cameron…the older girl.  Which leads me to the fact the Ivonne and I are trying to bring back arranged marriages and marry off Raymond and Cameron.

They are two of the cutest kids I know!  Really.  Bella knows it.  Raymond is a bit more humble.  These photos were actually taken at the end of January for Valentine’s Day.  Hence all the hearts.  We love Raymond’s shirt.




These next two photos were in sequence.  Trying to get Raymond to be fierce and serious is a laughing matter.