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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Baby Samantha : 6 Months

Samantha is one of my Baby’s 1st Year clients so you might remember her when she looked like this 6 months ago.  Even as a brand new itty bitty baby, she had this pretty, dainty, girlyness about her.

She wanted me to tell you that being a newborn is serious business.

Until you make all these uncontrollable...

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Baby Jacob

I loved this session.  Partly because before she booked this session, I found out Cindy had been following my blog for over a year!  Partly because they are the nicest, sweetest, loving little family.  And partly because they wanted Jacob’s baby photos to be in nature.  Awesome.  Most parents (you know who you are) are...

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Stay Tuned…

Stay tuned next week for more of this cheeky little doll.  As you can see, baby Caroline was not ready to make her photographic debut yesterday. 

She did a lot of this:

I just can’t pass up a crying baby photo.

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Boudoir Session : Desiree

Let me first start off with: My client has approved me to post these images. Don’t want to make anyone mad, or offend anyone. With that in mind, if you do not want to see sexy photos DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER. Click the little back button on your computer screen and start over!

This was...

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Nick & Cali : Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden

Okay, forgive me.

Just as the holiday hustle and bustle was rapidly going into full swing, I had my last wedding of the year for Jules Bianchi, as her Associate photographer.  And I never actually blogged this wedding! Shame on me because it was a stylish wedding with great details.  But that is also why I...

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Taylor & The Haircut

So we have a friend stop by today while he was working in the area, we all three have a few beers, catching up…good times.  He leaves.  I think to my self – wow, our kids were soooo good and quiet that whole time.  I’m thinking he must think we are awesome parents of well...

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Our Snow Day

Every year we (or I) take the girls to the snow for a couple hours of fun.  This year was a little late thanks to Mother Nature but still just as fun.  It makes me a tad bit sad to see how much bigger they are this year.  Hold your horses people, I’m in TWO...

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Rain and Funk

Hard to explain but I’ve been in a funk all weekend.  Don’t know why, but I seem to be pondering my life as a whole.  It’s taken over and put me in an obvious bad mood.  I’ve even tried to ignore my funk with crossword puzzles and Sudoku.  Then in the middle of me sulking...

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