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Baby Gia : 6 Months

Baby Gia is 6 months old and sitting up riiiight on time.  She is the product of one of my nicest bride and grooms.  Joe and Jamie wanted something funky for Gia’s 6 month session so we found some murals, streets and some downtown Chino walls.  Joe swore this area of the city looked like a perfect cookie cutter non-existent city, and then later he kept saying that it smelled like fried chicken everywhere we went.  I suppose fried chicken is better on the nose than cow poo (like some parts of Chino).

Anyway, they spotted this DJ mural right away and had to have her next to it!
And since 6 months is really the last age I do naked photos of babies, we needed to sneak in some crack.  Gia has this amazingly perfect skin.  It needed zero retouching – not even the cute little dimples on her butt.

These next two are RIDICULOUS.

Santa baby…