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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Boudoir Session : Stephanie

Wowza. Another fabulous boudoir session. This hot momma is surprising her husband with a sexy album for their 10 year anniversary! She is such a classic California girl…blonde hair, insane blue eyes, etc, etc, etc. Grew up at the beach, then made the trek inland and now lives on a lake in the...

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Baby Samantha

Meet Samantha…only 13 days old.  But wiiiiiiiide awake.  No sleepy newborn here.  She wants to be awake and eating.  All the time.  Poor Mommy doesn’t get much of a break.  But at least she’s cute:)

Fresh off the vine with the belly button to prove it.

You will see that Samantha always has at least one hand...

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Little Miss Belle

Wow.  Belle is TWO years old.  Talk about photographing someone for a long time…I first got her when she was in her Mommy’s tummy!  Little Belle has gone through a tough year with her health, ER visits, crazy food allergies, respiratory problems, she even came through a code blue situation, but is stronger than ever....

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Tot Trends Weekly Cover!

I’m so excited that after a couple years of checking out Tot Trends Weekly Magazine, one of my favorite images of one of my favorite clients was chosen for the cover the latest issue!  How awesome is this going to look framed in his room? This is such a cute, informative, easy to read magazine...

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Busy Busy Bee

What can I say? I’ve been super busy, trying to catch up on editing, cleaning house, photo sessions, getting a root canal that has spanned over two visits to the endodontist, a round of nitrous oxide that gave me crazy hallucinations and ended with me puking my brains out all over the dentist office,...

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Baby Hailey Peyton

This is my new niece!  Hailey Peyton is 17 days old today. Since she was born about 5 weeks early, technically she is negative 18 days old.  I’m already head over heels in love with her.  I didn’t want to put her down today, let alone leave.  She is soooo adorable.  All she does...

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Baby Jack

Oh, how cute babies are.  Baby Jack was 31 days here and modeling for his birth announcement.  I’m not going to post any photos they are considering for the announcement, as I’d hate to be the one to blame for spoiling the surprise.  Maybe it’s not even a surprise…either way, I’m safe.  

In these photos,...

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Little Blake & Katelyn

Twins! Would flip if I had them for myself, but am fascinated when others have them. Blake and Katelyn are 3 1/2 years old and act like 3 1/2 year olds!  I know, profound statement.  Mom was so calm, cool and collected for having her hands twice as full.  The only bone I have...

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