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Monthly Archives: October 2006

Minnie Mouse goes to Preschool

We have been talking about Halloween FOREVER. What a fun, happy day it is, right? We even bought her costume months ago. So, we first we get Cameron dressed for preschool in her costume because they had a parade and party today. In order for me (a photographer) to get a photo of my own...

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Baker Family

Since the Bakers and the Borgs are family (see previous post), it was only natural that we do their family portraits at the same time. With little ones and babies, it’s always nice to have someone behind me that can help get their attention. Otherwise, in a fun place like the park or the beach,...

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Borg Family

It’s holiday portrait time, can you tell? Meet the Borg family who drove all the way up here from San Diego for photos! They’ve never had professional photos taken of them as a family! We did a combo shoot with the Baker family. I’ll post those soon. Dan and Janice, I hope you like your...

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Little Goblin

This weekend, Brian decided to steal Cameron away to Palm Desert for some father-daughter bonding, which left me home all alone with Taylor. My little goblin. Of course I had to take some photos of her running around our yard with the Halloween tutu. For some reason she thought this was more fun than taking...

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Kate’s Two!

This morning I spent some time with Baby Kate, who is no longer a baby…she’s two! We went up to her Papa and Gaga’s beautiful house in Claremont for her photos. We put her through lots of play, running, smiling, wardrobe changes and she did so good! Some people don’t realize that being a model...

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Thomas Family

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing a really nice family for holiday portraits. Meet the Thomas family: Brad, Kristen, Torie and Stevie. Not to mention, it was a perfect day for me…cloudy with no shadows! I ended up really liking this park for pictures, so if any of my clients want photos here, it’s...

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Baby Isabelle – 3 Months

Time flies! Baby Isabelle is already 3 months old. I feel like it was just last week I did her newborn photos. It’s amazing how fast babies change.
Isaac is such a sweet big brother…Look at this chunky monkey!I love this shot of her and Isaac’s feet!I couldn’t resist taking photos of Isaac!

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Taylor’s 1st Birthday!

8 Tips For a Successful 1st Birthday – by Taylor Lott
(1) Start off the morning with a nutritious snack of cheap, fake, plastic corn you stole from your big sister’s play kitchen. And hold your foot while doing so.
(2) After being told of the upcoming cupcake eating event, get a good luck kiss from your...

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